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Hitting The Nail On The Head


8 thoughts on “ Hitting The Nail On The Head ”

  1. Kabar says:
    all antonyms for "hit the nail on the head" all synonyms for "fuck something up" Is "fuck something up" a good antonyms for "hit the nail on the head"? Rating: 4. yes, I agree. 4 votes. no, I disagree. 0 votes. List position. 12th of 53 antonyms for hit the nail on the head. suggest new. 1. 7.
  2. Aragrel says:
    hit the nail (right) on the head 1. Lit. to strike a nail precisely on the head with a hammer. If you expect to drive a nail straight, you have to hit the nail on the head.
  3. Gakus says:
    hit Computing a single visit to a website hit[hit] (computer science) The obtaining of a correct answer in a mechanical information-retrieval system. (electricity) A momentary electrical disturbance on a transmission line. (ordnance) A blow or impact on a target by a bullet, bomb, or other projectile. An instance of striking something with a bomb or the.
  4. Shaktikasa says:
    Synonyms for hit nail on head at malliretighpournast.siosigichiptitelviportnetectithink.infoinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for hit nail on head.
  5. Kigal says:
    May 22,  · "Don't try to fix it. I just need you to listen." Every man has heard these words. And they are the law of the land. No matter what.
  6. Faeramar says:
    Meaning of Idiom ‘To Hit the Nail on the Head’ Hit the nail on the head  is one of those idioms whose meaning is fairly easy to tell. It means to be exactly correct, especially in regards to a statement, or to have summed up a situation perfectly. Basically, to  hit the nail on the head .
  7. Zuluzahn says:
    29 Comics Who Hit The Nail On The Head 20 Comments That Get To The Point The Best Internet Clap-backs and Comments 29 People Who Know The Struggle 32 People That Had One Job And Absolutely 'Nailed It' Internet Comments That Hit The Nail On The Head 39 Hilarious Posts From Tumblr That Will Make You Shake Your Head.
  8. Mira says:
    Kempe's meaning in that citation isn't entirely clear. Some have interpreted her 'hit the nail on the head' as 'speak severely'. The current 'get to the heart of the matter' meaning is unambiguous in a later reference; William Cuningham’s The Cosmographical Glass, You hit the naile on the head .

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